January 29, 2015

With Love & Soap Roses

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This year, unlike the previous two, I was able to work on a special product for Valentine's Day. I'd toyed with the idea of making soap roses but was never able to really flesh it out. I never could find the right kind of soap mold and/or I didn't have enough time after the Christmas rush.

Atomic Heart Soap Bouquet
Since I managed to squeeze out a little extra time, I revisited the soap roses idea. I soon realized that it was not practical to attempt twelve long stem roses. I did however come across two small vases that would work perfectly for soap bouquets.

The first vase had a deep red heart shape that screamed cinnamon. Valentine's Day is the season of Red Hots candy. So I found a skin safe cinnamon fragrance oil for the flowers. I originally planned on having white roses but the fragrance oil turned the soap into more of a cream or winter white color which I liked better.

Berry Romantic Soap Bouquet

The second vase had a clear classic look. I decided to play on the romantic elements of Valentine's Day for this bouquet. Nothing says romance like chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne. So I blended dark chocolate and strawberry fragrance oils for the flowers and gave them a deep rose color. I added a single white strawberries and champagne scented heart to the top.

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