July 13, 2013

Like Oil On My Hands

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I LOATHE the stuff. It stains clothes, it has a strong aroma (which I can't stand), and it gets rancid quickly (which makes it smell even worse). It's EVERYWHERE! Olive Oil added to the hair products; olive oil included in the lotion; olive oil facial scrub. Olive Oil...PHOOEY! Don't get me wrong, I understand that there are many benefits from the cosmetic use of olive oil, but there are tons of other oils that are just as beneficial as the olive oil and offer additional benefits.

Here's a list of the oils that I use in my products along with a brief profile:

Castor Oil* - acts a humectant; adds shine to hair and skin

Fractionated Coconut Oil* - light; non-greasy; non-staining; quickly absorbs into skin;  long shelf life

Grape Seed Oil* - light; non-staining; penetrates skin; rich in minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids; great for     dry, damaged, or mature skin

Rice Bran Oil* - rich in fatty acids and antioxidants; great for delicate (baby), sensitive, and mature skin

Safflower/Sunflower Oil* - light; high fatty acids; great for damaged, dry, mature, or sensitive skin

*All of these oils have a shelf life longer than 3 months. However, most oils do have a limited shelf life should be kept in a cool area away from direct light.

I think it's wonderful that many people are trying natural oils, but don't fall into a heavy marketing trap. Do your research, and experiment. You'll be amazed at the amount of oil choices available that won't leave you smelling like a salad!

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