July 16, 2013

Black Coffee; No Sugar, No Cream

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There's a lot of coffee in the Frugal workshop. Packets upon packets of hazelnut, breakfast blend, decaffeinated along with a jar of instant. All of that coffee and not a drop of it, or should I say a grind of it for drinking. It all goes into soap.
Coffeehouse Creations Kitchen Soap
Coffeehouse Creations Kitchen Soap
We added coffee to our shea butter glycerin soap base to create our latest line of kitchen soap. Coffee serves a two-fold purpose; it acts as a natural odor neutralizer as well as a gentle exfoliant. So you get nice soft hands while washing the stink away. Our Coffeehouse Creations Kitchen Soap removes the smell of onions, garlic, fish, even chitterlings (hey, don't judge; it works).

We currently offer Coffeehouse Creations Kitchen Soap in four scents: Amaretto, Decaf, Hazelnut, and Midnight Mocha.

So the next time someone asks, "How do you take your coffee?" Tell them...in my soap!

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