March 12, 2012

No One Told Me That Was A Song

Most of our fragrance (and some product) names are based on song titles.  I had a new fragrance oil called Pennies From Heaven. It smelt great but I didn't care for its name since it didn't meet my song requirement. So I spent most of Friday looking for a song to name my fragrance.

The first time I smelled Pennies From Heaven, it made me think of dancing in an old jazz club. So I began searching YouTube for old jazz standards. I found some great songs, but nothing really fit the scent. During the third or fourth hour (I lost count) of my search, I was listening to a Billie Holiday song when I noticed "Pennies From Heaven" right side of the screen. Actually it was listed 3 times. Pennies From Heaven by Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, and Sarah Vaughan. I'd spent all day searching for a song so I could rename a fragrance that already was a song title.

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