March 15, 2012

Mighty Believer

Footprints in Sand Mold
I was so excited about my purchases today, I just had to share. Big Shout Out Rustic Escentuals for adding soap molds to the catalog (Thank you, thank you, thank you).

This is another naming a product tale. Last year I released a male scent I named Believer. Originally I wanted to call it Sunday Morning, because that is what came to mind. No kidding! I could visualize watching my grandfather getting ready for church. Now, since I didn't want to limit my market and keep the name simple (and I couldn't get a copy of Sunday Morning by Earth, Wind, &Fire) I decided on Believer. I could visualize a soap bar with footprints in the sand. I found a soap mold similar to the above but the price was a lot higher...and the molds were sold as individual cavity. I couldn't work with that on Frugal's budget. So I made shower gel and waited.
::Cue Hallelujah chorus:: 
So I get a tweet about Spring Sale at Rustic and notices that they have added to the catalog and I footprint in sand molds. A whole lot cheaper and 3 cavities to a mold. This means I can sell my Believer soap the way I envisioned it.   While I was poking around the molds, I came across this. I already knew where that was going. I have a cologne that is curing called Mighty2 ( I could get that Earth, Wind, & Fire Song). So all is well in the Frugal workshop and just anxiously awaiting UPS tomorrow.
Tree of Life Soap Mold

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Feel free to contact us any time if you have a special product need!