April 16, 2013

Powder Your Face (And Body) With Sunshine...

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Last year, I met a woman complaining about the difficulty in finding "old fashion powder with the puff". Several months later, while trying to think of a special for Mother's Day I thought about the conversation. I decided to make some powder sets for Mother's Day not realizing just how much work would go into making the set.

First of all I couldn't find the powder containers and puffs. Let me clarify that, I couldn't find them at a reasonable price. Frugal's brand is built around affordability. So an empty powder set costing ME almost $10 was not going to happen. So I started searching the web to create my own set. I had to actually make the powder puff and sifter but this was the result.

A powder set containing 6 ounces of powder for only $10. And we do carry a "Sunshine" powder... available after Mother's Day 

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